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How do I choose a kinder that suits the needs for my child and family?

All of our kindergartens are regulated under the National Quality Framework (NQF) to ensure your child is safe and is given high quality opportunities for learning and development.

Getting ready to choose a kindergarten can be both exciting and overwhelming. The earlier you start preparing, the better. All CKP kindergartens will welcome you to visit and ask questions.

Here are some questions to ask the teacher that may make your decision easier:

  • What is the philosophy at this kindergarten?
  • What skills, qualifications and experience do the teachers and educators have?
  • How will you communicate with me throughout my child’s time at kinder?
  • How will my family’s needs, culture and beliefs be taken into account at kindergarten?
  • How is this kindergarten inclusive?
  • How do you observe and plan for my child’s learning and development?
  • How can families get involved in the kindergarten year?
  • How will you help my child to get ready for lifelong learning?


Attendance at kindergarten attracts a term fee. You may be eligible to access kindergarten for free. Click here for further information http://www.education.vic.gov.au/childhood/parents/kindergarten/Pages/fees.aspx

Please click this link to view the  2022 Fee Schedule

Please click this link to view the  2021 Fee Schedule

Please click this link to view CKP Fee Policy for Families CKP Fee Policy 2022

Click here to pay your kindergarten fees https://www.bpoint.com.au/payments/ckp


CKP uses Facebook, Instagram and TeamAPP to keep our families up to date on what is happening at our kindergartens. Information regarding TeamAPP will be provided by the teacher at the kindergarten. You can join our Facebook page by clicking this link https://www.facebook.com/CommunityKindersPlus

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