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Working Bees

Each kindergarten holds working bees throughout the year to ensure that the kindergarten always looks well maintained, gardens are beautiful, sand pits and tan bark levels are sustained. Working bees often involve a barbeque and are a wonderful way to build relationships with other families and strengthen the community at your kindergarten


Kindergartens are as unique as the communities in which they are located and therefore fundraising is often different at each one of our services. Fundraising ideas include a chocolate drive, trivia nights, silent auctions, uniform sales, sausage sizzles, and many more.


Community Kinders Plus loves having volunteers at our kindergartens. An extra pair of hands to support children’s participation in the kindergarten program is always welcomed. Volunteering at a CKP kindergarten can occur in many ways; reading to the children, arts and crafts, bush kindergarten, administration to name a few.


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